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Message from the Chairman
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Message from the Chairman

Only One Customer Support for all your Demands

Info Gate Co.,Ltd. CEO Yasuo Shinozaki President Masaki Ishihara

Entering the distribution support business aligns with the growth of our parent company, Shinozaki Transport Co., Ltd., from the year 2001.

With the start of B2B and B2C distribution support businesses, customer facing serviceability enhancements were realized in our technical services, after-sale services, and call center services.

Our ability to handle the various needs of our customers continues from the know-how and technique of handling installations for machines and construction sites from a half century ago (book binding machines, lockers for golf courses etcetera).

In recent years, our business portfolio focuses on a “Three K Vision” to support activities in the Elderly, Healthcare and Environmental industries. Corporations in these industries will be served well from our service renderings based on our commitments to stability, security and safety.

A heartfelt “thank you” from a customer means that the NEXUS group of companies is continuously striving to further the quality of its service. It is my expectation to raise Infogate to be entrusted with the full collective strength of the NEXUS group as a one-stop support for your distribution needs.

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