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Infogate Office Furniture

Though there may be no substitute to the comforts of home, an office setting created by Infogate may help you to define your office as a gathering place to share joy and responsibility.It is our mission to create comfortable office space to meet all of your office creation projects.

An accumulation of 30 years of know-how allows us the privilege to be a part of any mission for office space creation.Infogate has earned the status of sole agent for top furniture maker Hermanmiller Company in 2010.“Everything for the Office” Leave all the creative design, construction and workplace settings to us.

Infogate Office Furniture
OUR STRENGTHS Infogate’s Value

Infogate’s Value

・Responsive Action
Infogate places speed and quick response above all business-mind prepared actions.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us at early stages of relocation or office layout design considerations.

・High Quality & Reasonable Price
Anyone can make an ordinary office, but not anyone can create an office conducive to productivity improvement and the raising of corporate value.

・Everything for the office (one stop policy)
Rather than a one-stop-service, Infogate hosts a one-stop-solution helping companies with early stage development of their office creation.
Please consult us in a free manner without reservations.

Infogate Total Office Solution

Information search
(open office space)
Utilize our professional support structure for the selection of prospective office locations – while keeping your focus on business.
(explanation of office layout design)
20 years in this business takes our capabilities beyond the production of a simple work environment, but rather to the planning of a workplace suggesting comfort and productivity in line with the unique needs of every customer.Infogate helps clients fuse their realization into concrete action.
Interior design
Manage and oversee construction from the perspective of the interior designer.
Office furniture sales
Our core is put together with simple, solid quality held at a reasonable price with a broad range of materials and products handled from Infogate, a sole agent of the Hermanmiller Company.Products and articles with design characteristics from abroad may effectively contribute to the attractiveness of your company brand.Choice of materials and products offering flexibility allows us to work with you on design and functionality aspects most suitable to your needs and price.
Infrastructure: Facilities
Total solution offering of network communications (telephone, LAN, office automation, security surveillance etc.)
Moving of furniture
Experienced staff handle movement of furniture with a high level of professionalism.
Recyclables and unnecessary items such as, furniture, or documents may also be disposed of with the provisioning of this service.
After service
Periodic visitations for cleaning and maintenance repair allows for the avoidance of a malfunctioning office.